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Consistency across the network

We understand the importance of maintaining consistency in the finance function across your franchise network.

Using a standardised chart of accounts and providing a clear guide on where to post transactions, we ensure that all financial transactions are recorded consistently. This consistency enables accurate data for benchmark analysis, allowing you to compare performance across the network and identify areas for improvement and best practices.

Franchisees can learn from each other’s successes and implement strategies that align with the franchise model, leading to overall improved performance.

Through monitoring the financial records, any signs of underperformance can be spotted earlier. This proactive approach allows for the implementation of a support package to help struggling franchisees improve their performance.

Overall improving growth and success across the network.

Franchise onboarding training

When it comes to supporting your franchise network, we’ve got you covered from the very beginning. Our comprehensive onboarding training package ensures that franchisees receive the necessary guidance and training to kickstart their success.

One key aspect we focus on is advising on the best business structure for your franchise. We take into account various factors such as legal considerations, tax implications, and operational efficiency to help franchisees make informed decisions about their business structure.

Financial training is another vital component of our onboarding training. We provide training sessions to ensure that franchisees have a solid understanding of key financial concepts. This includes educating them on important performance indicators, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flow forecasting. By equipping franchisees with this knowledge, they can make informed financial decisions and effectively monitor the financial health of their businesses.